Assala Energy
Assala Energy is an oil exploration and production company.
Assala Energy’s strategy is to invest in improving the production efficiency of our mature fields by streamlining our operations while reducing our carbon footprint.
This is how Assala fulfils its role: to provide the energy we need and therefore contribute to local and national socio-economic development.
Assala Energy takes its inspiration from its namesake.
The Gabon is one of the last refuges for African forest elephants. Assala is the local name given to these elephants. Their small size is the result of their successful natural adaptation to the dense environment in the equatorial forests, and allows them to move around with ease and thrive.

Inspired by our namesake, our model is based on flexibility, innovation and creativity so we can adapt and progress in an ever-changing environment.
Assala is one of the biggest oil producers in Gabon.
Find out more about Assala Energy
Find out more about Assala Energy

Assala has six production licences:
Rabi Kounga II, Toucan II, Bende M’Bassou Totou II, Koula/Damier, Gamba/lvinga and Atora II. We also have a stake in a production licence we do not directly operate (Tsiengui).

In 2019, four of these onshore production licences were renewed for 25 years, and the acquisition of three onshore exploration licences (Mutamba-lroru II, Nziembou II and Ozigo II) has opened up new development opportunities.

Assala Energy’s business strategy is to increase production safely while ensuring integrity. This means maximising the time the equipment is used, ensuring high-quality maintenance, and reducing our emissions and the environmental footprint of our operations in order to unlock the inherent potential of our production assets.

Our economically strong development projects are tailored to our objectives and meet our risk management criteria. Our primary concerns are asset integrity, workovers, well interventions, robust management of fuel tanks, optimisation and additional drilling.

The aim is to invest in our company’s performance and therefore the production of the energy we need. Assala can in turn contribute to socio-economic development and the Paris Agreement on greenhouse gas emissions.

The companies in the group put their 520 employees at the forefront of their business. We empower our employees to reach their full potential while applying best practice safety standards.
Assala Energy supports fair and equitable access to job opportunities.
The Assala Energy management team boasts extensive experience in the oil sector, particularly in Africa.
Management team profiles
David Roux
Chief Executive Officer
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Gavin Kirkham
Chief Financial Officer
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Mark Allen
Subsurface Director
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Caroline Sourt
HSSE, HR & Corporate Affairs Director
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Assala Values
The Assala Values are the bedrock of our business approach.
We are committed to:
Operate responsibly and safely.
Empower our employees to reach their potential.
Increase field life cycles and production through asset integrity and strategic investment.
Build win-win partnerships to ensure long-term benefit from our operations.
Engage in robust financial management.
Commit to the application of international environmental standards and best practices.
Act with integrity by complying with our Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations.
Assala Spirit
Our Business
Compliant & robust
We believe in rigorous operations management in strict compliance with our Code of Conduct, in line with national and international laws, regulations and best practices.
Inspired by our name, we integrate the necessary flexibility, innovation and creativity into our model to adapt and improve in an ever-changing environment.
Our People
We strive to empower and support our team members in reaching their goals and succeeding in their roles.
We expect our people to be accountable and show individual dedication to their own contributions while also promoting collaboration and teamwork.
Our Operations
Safe & responsible
We commit to conducting our operations safely and responsibly for people and the environment.
Fit for purpose
Our choice is to base Assala’s organisation on transparent and straightforward processes to improve our production performance and extend the life cycle of our fields in the long term.
David Roux
Chief Executive Officer
David Roux has accrued over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in Africa.

David started the Assala Energy project in 2016 on the back end of the 2014-2016 oil crisis.
He brought together a team of professionals, with whom he had worked during his career. Chosen for their expertise in capital- and debt-raising, ESG (Environment, Social & Governance), mature assets redevelopment, and exploration, they have together, under his leadership, built on their decades of experience to ensure the long-term future of Assala.

David’s career began in Gabon with Kelt-Energy (later Perenco), where he held various offshore positions, ultimately becoming the company’s Operations Manager delivering significant growth.

He then moved to Vaalco as their General Manager in Gabon, setting up their business there and successfully developing the company’s offshore pre-salt discoveries.

David then moved to Tullow Oil, starting out as their Business Manager for the Central and West Africa region, which spanned from Angola up to Guinea (including Gabon). During this time, Tullow achieved reserves replacements of over 100% in Gabon and carried out new-country entries and high-profile exploration projects throughout the region. He was then promoted to Senior Advisor to Tullow Oil’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer, troubleshooting the company’s contractual, fiscal, commercial and business issues across the African continent.

David achieved a Master’s degree in Process Engineering from France’s National School of Chemical Industries in Nancy, and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and Economics at the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) in Paris.
Gavin Kirkham
Chief Financial Officer
Gavin Kirkham brings over 17 years of experience in finance in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Gavin joined Assala Energy as Chief Financial Officer in January 2017 and is responsible for building the company’s Finance and IT functions. Gavin continues to lead the financial and IT activities of the company including corporate finance, oil marketing, treasury management and accounting, ensuring solid financial management across the business. He is responsible for an active and robust hedging programme and numerous debt-raises, enabling the company to be fully funded for its highly accretive capital investment plans, while providing strong returns on investment for shareholders.

Gavin joined Assala from Tullow Oil where he held a number of senior finance positions in the UK, South Africa and the Central and West Africa region, managing the financial aspects of Tullow’s operations in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and Congo as well as delivering financial process and system improvements across the Tullow Group.

Gavin started his career in the Energy team at Deloitte. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Bristol.
Mark Allen
Subsurface Director
Mark Allen is a Petroleum Engineer with 30 years’ experience in international exploration, appraisal and development operations.

Mark’s unique holistic approach to subsurface and field development continues to bring in new opportunities and prospects to the Assala business and long-term future. Successful workover and drilling programmes have delivered over 150% replacement of the company’s reserves since its inception, as well as a stoppage of the natural decline, and an increase in production levels.

Prior to joining Assala Energy in 2017, Mark managed Tullow Oil’s African Development and Operations team. Under his guidance, the Gabon portfolio achieved a seven-year production plateau through the systematic identification and execution of infill drilling and field redevelopment opportunities. Mark also oversaw Tullow’s exploration operations in over a dozen countries, delivering high-impact discoveries in Ghana and Kenya, where he specialised in field appraisal, early development planning and resource booking.

Mark began his career as a Schlumberger Wireline Field Engineer working at well sites in Europe and the Middle East, before qualifying as a Reservoir Engineer with Shell, where he developed assets in the UK North Sea and Russia.

Mark holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, an MEng in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, and an MSc in Management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
Caroline Sourt
HSSE, HR & Corporate Affairs Director
Caroline Sourt has a career spanning over 25 years working across multiple industries and continents, including Africa.

Caroline is a founding member of Assala Energy, starting the project in 2016 by building the company’s above-ground framework, including HSSE, social, employee, government, community, risk assessment and management, all inspired by her energy. Today, she leads the ESG approach, continuing to modify the legacy business into a compliant and sustainable investment.

Caroline began working in the oil and gas industry when she joined Tullow Oil in Gabon, developing and managing their marketing, social and environment strategies. These were directly related to operations and focused on local communities’ support, environmental mapping and impact mitigation. Caroline then moved to London working on Central and West African Tullow assets, later expanding her scope to cover the global New Ventures and Exploration activities, focusing on risk analysis, mitigation and ESG aspects.

Caroline has an extensive knowledge of the African continent thanks to her eight years as a television news producer from Thomson Reuters, covering news, political, environmental, social and cultural matters across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics and Economics from the University of London.