Assala Energy invests in natural resources to power lives

Assala Energy is an oil exploration and production company. Our strategy is to invest in mid-life and mature assets to increase production and extend field life cycles.  Our business decisions are guided by our company values, which prioritize integrity and safe, responsible operations. 


Assala Energy’s strategy is to seek out brown-field assets where an opportunity exists to streamline operations and reduce their carbon footprint by making them more efficient. We are committed to long term investment and building solid returns for our shareholders and host countries.

Assala Energy takes inspiration
from its namesake.

Gabon is one of the last strongholds for African forest elephants. Assala is the local name given to smaller, individual elephants known for their vitality and tenacious character. Indeed, the forest elephant’s small size is an evolutionary achievement enabling it to be discrete, move freely and thrive in its dense forest environment.
Assala Energy aims to be a first-choice, trusted partner to our host countries and their communities.



Assala operates five licences (Rabi Kounga II, Toucan II, Bende M’Bassou Totou II, Koula/Damier and Gamba/Ivinga) and holds interests in four non-operated licences (Atora, Avocette, Coucal and Tsiengui). Furthermore, we acquired in 2019 three onshore exploration licences (Mutamba-Iroru II, Nziembou II & Ozigo II), opening new development opportunities for Assala Gabon.


Assala Energy puts its people first. The highly qualified management team has extensive experience in the industry, hailing from majors and juniors alike, with a focus in Africa.

Assala Energy invests to empower employees to reach their full potential, while working to the highest health and safety standards. Assala Energy supports equal opportunities employment.

Our Values

Assala Energy takes a holistic approach to doing business. We strongly believe that to create a long-term, profitable business we must be responsible for our actions today so we can plan and construct a positive future for our stakeholders.

Assala Energy’s Values are core to the way the company does business.
We pledge to:


Operate responsibly and safely.


Empower our employees to reach their potential.


Build win-win partnerships with governments and local communities to ensure long-term benefit from our operations.

Increase field life cycles and production through asset integrity and strategic investment.


Engage in robust financial management.


Commit to the application of international best practice environmental standards.

Contact Us

The London office

Assala Energy UK Limited
The Metro Building, 1 Butterwick, London W6 8DL, UK
Tel: +44 203 314 8560

The Port-Gentil office

Assala Gabon SA
BP 146, Rue Roger Buttin, Port-Gentil, Gabon

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