Our team in Gabon


Managing Director

Daniel’s career spans the extractive industry, starting in oil and gas, then moving to mining in senior leadership roles. His professional origins are in geoscience and he holds two PhDs in Geology and Mining.

Daniel’s academic strengths were complemented by his work with the United Nation’s Development Programme in East Africa, which examined the extractive industry from a government’s perspective, with an aim of using revenues to achieve sustainable local and national socio-economic growth.

For over ten years, Daniel has held positions as a Country Manager for several companies in the extractive industry, most recently in Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Senegal and New Caledonia.

His work demonstrates a focus on achieving business objectives by putting Safety first. Daniel attributes his successes to the people with whom he has worked, to his insistence on skills development, on strong cost management, and on the importance of projects to extend asset life cycles as well as proactive, constructive engagement with all stakeholders, ensuring long-term benefits for all.