HSSE, HR & Corporate Affairs Director

Caroline Sourt has a career spanning over 25 years working across multiple industries and continents, including Africa. 

Caroline is a founding member of Assala Energy, starting the project in 2016 by building the company’s above-ground framework, including HSSE, social, employee, government, community, risk assessment and management, all inspired by her energy. Today, she leads the ESG approach, continuing to modify the legacy business into a compliant and sustainable investment.

Caroline began working in the oil and gas industry when she joined Tullow Oil in Gabon, developing and managing their marketing, social and environment strategies. These were directly related to operations and focused on local communities’ support, environmental mapping and impact mitigation. Caroline then moved to London working on Central and West African Tullow assets, later expanding her scope to cover the global New Ventures and Exploration activities, focusing on risk analysis, mitigation and ESG aspects.

Caroline has an extensive knowledge of the African continent thanks to her eight years as a television news producer from Thomson Reuters, covering news, political, environmental, social and cultural matters across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics and Economics from the University of London.