Assala Energy’s strategy is to seek out brown-field assets where an opportunity exists to streamline operations, by making them more efficient. We are committed to long term investment and building solid returns for our shareholders and host countries.

Assala Energy takes inspiration
from its namesake.

Gabon is one of the last strongholds for African forest elephants. Assala is the local name given to smaller, individual elephants known for their vitality and tenacious character. Indeed, the forest elephant’s small size is an evolutionary achievement enabling it to be discrete, move freely and thrive in its dense forest environment.

Assala Energy aims to be a first-choice, trusted partner to our host countries and their communities.


Assala Energy values the knowledge of the teams it inherits. We look forward to working together, building on their strong experience, to strengthen our assets and ensure resilience to market cycles.

JEROME GARCIA, Chief Operating Officer



Assala Energy’s operational strategy is to increase production. In the short term, this will be achieved by maximising uptime, ensuring high maintenance standards and unlocking the value within and around our producing assets.


Innovation & Technology


Assala Energy’s Subsurface Department will balance its resources initially on short-term cash flow generation.

In the medium to long term, Assala Energy will ensure growth and value through Technology and Innovation, Exploration, and new Business


The Assala Energy team has a combined experience of 100 years in the upstream oil and gas industry. Together, we will use technology and innovation to leverage our multidisciplinary skills and unlock the full potential of our assets, securing long-term growth and value

xxxxxxx, Subsurface Director


Assala Energy puts its people first. The highly qualified management team has extensive experience in the industry, hailing from majors and juniors alike, with a focus in Africa.

Assala Energy invests to empower employees to reach their full potential, while working to the highest health and safety standards. Assala Energy supports equal opportunities employment.

Our Investor

Assala Energy is privileged to have the support of one of the world’s most respected energy equity funds. Together, with rigorous financial discipline, we plan to develop a rationalized, profitable and growing portfolio for the benefit of our shareholders, our employees and our host country.

xxxxxxx, Chief Financial Officer

Carlyle Group is an Anglo-American equity fund



billion of assets under management



Fund of funds vehicles


1 650

professionals operating in 35 offices

Carlyle Group is an Anglo-American equity fund with $176 billion of assets under management across 128 funds and 170 fund of funds vehicles. Founded in 1987 in Washington, DC, Carlyle has grown into one of the world’s largest and most successful investment firms, with more than 1,650 professionals operating in 35 offices in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The Carlyle Group has a strong track record in investing in Oil and Gas with several funds including Carlyle / Riverstone and Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP).

CIEP is made up of former oil executives who focus on supporting companies both financially and with their experience to create value for the company. Launched in 2013 and with $2.5 billion USD, CIEP targets investments exploration and production (E&P), mid- & downstream, refining and marketing (R&M) and oil field services (OFS) outside North America

Our Values

Assala Energy takes a holistic approach to doing business. We strongly believe that to create a long-term, profitable business we must be responsible for our actions today so we can plan and construct a positive future for our stakeholders.

Assala Energy’s values are core to the way the company does business.
We pledge to:


Operate responsibly and safely.


Empower our teams to reach their potential.


Build win-win partnerships with governments and local communities.


Engage in robust financial management.


Work to the highest environmental standards.

Comply with our Code of Conduct and international regulations on transparency and corruption.

Social Investment

Assala Energy’s Social Investment priority is in education and training programs to promote our local staff and maximise Local Content throughout our Supply Chain. For long-term sustainability, we must find effective ways to ensure that today’s youth have the skillsets our industry will need tomorrow.

Assala Energy represents sustainable, responsible development and operations.

Protect the Environment

Assala Energy operates to the highest environmental standards.
Part of that ethic is to take responsibility for the protection of the environment in which the company operates.

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